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Gathering intelligence on the modes and types of infringement

Our Key principal techniques for gathering intelligence are:

  • Get a macro and micro level understanding of a given technology space
  • Analyse a range of technologies to understand the best fit for their needs
  • Get intelligence on the technologies that competitors are focusing on or investing in
  • Analyse relative strengths of competitors on a variety of business and technology parameters

IP infringement coverage, also known as intellectual property liability coverage, defends from patent infringement claims against the insured and defends the insured’s ownership rights in the IP. It also provides insurance to indemnify customers and distributors for allegations that the insured’s IP is in violation of another’s IP rights and indemnifies against damages the insured is legally liable for as a result of a verdict or settlement. This is the most typical type of coverage purchased when customers think of or ask for IP liability insurance. This is also the most elusive as insurers have historically experienced substantial losses with this type of coverage due to the self-selection of purchasers, who tend to be those who are more litigious or subject to more frequent litigation.

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